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Second Game of Avatar Chess

White won the second game of Avatar Chess, too. This time with a classic check-mate. Great game, even though I added an additional obstacle by having the clock scripted wrong, so it called for red when it meant white and other way around (note to self: team names have to be variables, not constants, teams change sides dammit!). It was crazy, laggy, chaotic and tons of fun. Thanks to all who attended. And yes, there will be pictures as I get them and I will this time have a transcript of the game!

Avatar Chess

The moves of the game as pulled out of the chat protocol:

F2 – F4 E7 – E5
F4 – E5 D7 – D6
B1 – C3 D6 – E5
G1 – F3 B8 – C6
E2 – E4 C8 – G4
F1 – B5 G8 – F6
D2 – D3 F8 – E7
H2 – H3 G4 – H5
C3 – D5 F6 – D5
E4 – D5 D8 – D5
C2 – C5 D5 – C5
H1 – G1 H5 – F3
G2 – F3 C5 – G1 +
E1 – E2 G1 – G2 +
E2 – E3 E7 – G5 +
E3 – E4 F7 – F5 +
E4 – F5 E8 – G8 + (0-0)
F5 – E4 G5 – C1
D1 – C1 G3 – F3 ++

Written by barney

December 10, 2006 at 00:01

Avatar Chess – the First Game

Yesternight the first game of Avatar Chess happened in Kula 4. After a bit of problems at the start – the teams had to fill in their ranks, the Sim had to be upped on the avatar limit (it started out with 40, which we filled quite fast) and the lag and chatter making it a bit chaotic, at roughly 4:30 PM the game started. And it was a great fun – and worked astonishingly good! White won due to red running out of time (the game was played with 30 minutes each team, no time extension), but both teams delivered quite an impressive game. Thanks to all participants!

Here are a few pictures of the event:

Avatar Chess

Written by barney

November 17, 2006 at 08:45

Avatar Chess

Here is a picture of the full set for Avatar Chess. What is Avatar Chess, you ask? Well, it is a game of chess played by 32 avatars. So see it as chess as a team-sport. The first game of Avatar Chess will happen November 16th in Kula4 at the CC event. Music might be provided by yours truly (and of course all CC licensed music, to go with the event).

The chess set itself – pieces, working chess clock and maybe the board (have to ask the builder of it) will be provided for free under the CC Attribution Share-Alike license starting with that event – so teams can start to do their own set of avatars to have different styles.

The dream? Well, the creation of the Second Life First Avatar Chess League with teams like the Red Roundheads and the Winged Devils 🙂

If you are interested in the concept, join the group “Avatar Chess” now. And if you want to play actively, I still am looking for someone setting up the white team and of course both teams (red is managed by Neit Tackleberry) need players.

Here are more pictures done by Florenze Kerensky of the full set.

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October 24, 2006 at 11:11