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Streaming Server down and back up

Sorry folks, but my provider decided that backing up my server via FTP on a server provided by said provider for exactly that purpose for some reason is seen as an attack nowadays and so switched off network access to my machine. If you have a stream on my machine, you are currently unable to connect to it. I contacted said provider allready and usually they get to stuff like that quite fast, but for some reason today it doesn’t work as great as I am used to – it might actually take a few hours more. I tried to contact everybody inworld, so this is just a headsup on the current situation (and I guess nobody will see it anyway).

Assumed estimated fix time should be something like 20 hours from time of this posting at the most (and I still hope they fix it within the next few hours).

In case of dire needs of a stream, contact me inworld and I see to it that you get a stream on one of the other servers I have access to.

Update: everything back to working again, but I set up a new server nontheless, so I am prepared for the next time my provider decides to have a bad case of the stupids.


Written by barney

November 10, 2008 at 18:27

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