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Second life goes open source

Fortune says Second life goes open source – nothing on the SL blog, yet, but man, if that’s what it sounds, I am all for it (and there even is allready a site for it set up, and it’s the plain, good, old GPL! Yay!). Being an old GNU (going back to GPLed stuff still under DOS in the 80s – mostly doing porting work for several GPLed projects back then) this is something that makes me happy. Open Source is not the fix for every problem – and doesn’t automatically say you get a community around your software. But just thinking about the possibility to grab the source and try to dig in to find an annoying problem yourself, that’s definitely appealing to me.

Sure, a lot of people will start to whine and bash their heads on the table and tear their hair out and the end of the grid is near, news at eleven. But quite frankly, reality tells a different tale in so many projects – especially of the infrastructure kind – that I have highest hopes on this one, too. Yes, I am – cautiously, because we will have to see what open source means in the context of Lindenlab (especially in the way how you can contribute back) – excited.


Written by barney

January 8, 2007 at 14:54

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