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Photography Restrictions? What’s next?

From Ban on photographs in open sim? – Second Life Insider the following excerpt of a notecard you get on the kokomo sim (isn’t that the sim where the Old Salts Pub is located?):

“RECORDING, FILMING AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHS are strictly prohibited without first obtaining a written release from OKPride.Net LLC and any such infraction of this policy will be considered copyright infringement and pursued using all available resources in a real world court of law.”

Now that’s a weird idea – prohibiting photographs in a sim that’s open to the public, where you can just enter – and enter anywhere you want, even if you enter somewhere else than where the notecard giver is located. A sim, where events are held, where ppl are invited to – and all they shouldn’t be allowed to take photographs?

Ok, it might be meant that any recording from companies or businesses for commercial activities are prohibited, but that private photography is allowed – but then, why don’t they write that?

If it’s meant as it is written, it’s the most stupid stunt a company (LLC is a form of small corporation, with limited liabilities of board members – a bit like the german “GmbH”) could take in a virtual world like Second LIfe.

Update: yep, it’s the same sim, run by the same CaveCub Milk, as reported in an update in the Insider. I thought about writing a bit more, but well, lets just shorten it to “I am not astonished at all for this coming from that direction”.


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January 2, 2007 at 16:26

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