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Second Game of Avatar Chess

White won the second game of Avatar Chess, too. This time with a classic check-mate. Great game, even though I added an additional obstacle by having the clock scripted wrong, so it called for red when it meant white and other way around (note to self: team names have to be variables, not constants, teams change sides dammit!). It was crazy, laggy, chaotic and tons of fun. Thanks to all who attended. And yes, there will be pictures as I get them and I will this time have a transcript of the game!

Avatar Chess

The moves of the game as pulled out of the chat protocol:

F2 – F4 E7 – E5
F4 – E5 D7 – D6
B1 – C3 D6 – E5
G1 – F3 B8 – C6
E2 – E4 C8 – G4
F1 – B5 G8 – F6
D2 – D3 F8 – E7
H2 – H3 G4 – H5
C3 – D5 F6 – D5
E4 – D5 D8 – D5
C2 – C5 D5 – C5
H1 – G1 H5 – F3
G2 – F3 C5 – G1 +
E1 – E2 G1 – G2 +
E2 – E3 E7 – G5 +
E3 – E4 F7 – F5 +
E4 – F5 E8 – G8 + (0-0)
F5 – E4 G5 – C1
D1 – C1 G3 – F3 ++

Written by barney

December 10, 2006 at 00:01

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  1. As a pawn on the white team, I would like to apologize for my merciless taunting of the Red Team. After about move 12, when it became obvious that Red was headed for a crushing defeat, I should have kept quiet and let the slaughter and annihilation speak for itself.

    Sorry Red Team, please accept my condolences and good luck in your future games.

    Secundo Dharma

    December 26, 2006 at 01:20

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