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Intelligent Lawyer Alert

The guy defending Bragg (the land-snarfer whose complete belongings where seized by Lindenlab) in Interview with Bragg Attorney Jason Archinaco gives good reasons and thoughts about why we should care what the outcome of a case against someone we all might not essentially like (because he exploited a web interface to get land cheap), but whose case is essential for everybody who has virtual belongings (since Lindenlab seized all his balance and land – regardless on how that was received, and wether that was actually a result of the exploit or not). Do we actually have ownership of our content, like the LL head honcho says in his town halls and in the media, or don’t we have any ownership worth speaking of, as the ToS tell us?

I for one will be looking very interested in the development of the case, especially since I get the impression from what the lawyer says, that he actually has a quite good grasp of virtual worlds and the resulting problems of virtual ownership.

This is not just important for business users in Second Life – this is as important for anybody doing any content creation inworld. Is there any liability of Lindenlab, to secure our created content? Are they allowed to seize everything and destroy everything for ANY REASON or NO REASON as the ToS tells us? And how does that compute with the public talks of Lindenlab? Wether you create content to sell or wether you do it just for fun, this should be a question that you are interested, too.


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December 7, 2006 at 10:37

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