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What to do on a sunday with horrible lag?

Well, what we allways do on every sunday at 2 PM Gametime in Yongnam: running the Yongnam Show and Tell event! I am constantly amazed how smooth it works, how people show up, sit through the lag, show their creations and how many fun we get out of this little event. Nothing special – just showing things, talking about building, having a little competition on building (with a few prizes – based on attendents donations!).

From Second Life S…

The event is friendly and interesting to both newbies and oldbies – just come over and have a look at it, or bring your own things and show them. Up to 9 contestants can show. And yes, we try to get it going even if the sims crash around us, the packet loss lags us down and whatever problems the grid throws at us. The only time we couldn’t run it was when LL once closed logins over all of early sunday evening.


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November 27, 2006 at 18:16

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