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Software Theater – or just arrogant pricks?

In Software Theater one of the electric sheeps (does it strike you as rather silly that someone out to help companies into SL calls themselves sheep? One of the dumbest animals around? Yes, I know about the link to literature – but if there was a famous book with “stupid, arrogant prick” in the title, would you take that as your name?) lashes out at the Herald – a publication that positions itself as “allways fairly unbalanced”, which is a quite honest positioning 🙂

So – the Herald ran a piece of speculation on ESC and it looks like they hit right home – you know the saying that denial is a politicians way of admitting. Even if it was not correct what the Herald reported, it seems to have found a vulnerable spot at least with that sheep. But that’s not what struck me most. What did really make me crack up is the adorment this sheep gives to Edelman. You remember Edelman? Those PR guys who where repeatedly found to bluntly deceive the public, to blatantly lie to the public via PR blogs around the Walmart thing? It’s not as if that would be hard to find out, it was all over the blogs, even made it in the old-time media.

Sorry, folks, you might call yourself after a dumb animal, but be assured, even a stupid sheep would first check what to associate with. You know, if the sheep go in bed with the wolf, the result is seldom positive …


Written by barney

November 23, 2006 at 10:23

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