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Cutting instructor payments

Cutting instructor payments is another way how LL reduces the existing support structures. They think it’s bad that instructors get money from them, instead of residents. But the wealth of participants in classes are noobs – and many of them don’t have payment info on file (Phillip himself said so, indirectly, by pointing out that more than half the new residents are from areas where they didn’t reach when having registration). They can’t pay for classes, before they get some job. But jobs will be even scarcer – island prices are to go up, mainland price changes are discussed, residents will think twice before giving some noob money for simple jobs they could do themselves (and to be honest, there aren’t that many things noobs can do for you anyway, even cybersex requires a minimum knowledge to be sellable).

So again LL kills off culture and reduces it’s own involvement. For what reason? To make free money? That’s silly, there aren’t that many instructors inworld, the lindens for them won’t kill anything. To reduce work load? Sorry, but the lindens weren’t involved with that part of SL for quite some time, so nothing will be freed up. Out of principle? How stupid must one be to kill off a part of a culture (and Phillip can’t stop seeing SL as some form of culture – a “better” world, where instructors aren’t payed and 50% price hikes are seen normal, yay!) out of principle?


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November 10, 2006 at 08:52

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