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The Mission of Linden Lab

Wow. A Mission Statement from the Head Honcho at Lindenlab. Don’t you love mission statements? Don’t you love all the blurb about extending the good, making the world a better place, having innovative investors, a cool technology, knowing where your towel is and being a cool frood overall – and completely forgetting to even mention the paying customers that pay your bills in your mission statement?

Really, that cracks me up. If I was an investor, I would be highly worried by now, because I would have to think I gave my money to a cracknut and not a business guy. Sure, you can have mission statements internally in your conferences with your investors where you ignore the little side fact that you just pissed off your paying customers bigtime, but really, if you do a public statement, at least have the decency to give those crazy people who pay month for month for month your bills a little mentioning in a paragraph, ok? 🙂

Oh, and try to give those crazy people the impression you actually care for them? Like, answering support questions at least on the next business day with some human response along the lines of “sent your request to the guy/girl responsible, will come back to you”? I mean, you obviously do have a support tracking system, because there is one sending out autoresponses to questions. So questions can’t get lost – they should be there to work from the queue. Oh, you have too many support requests due to the flood of new users? Well, shouldn’t you have thought about that before opening the gates? 🙂

Lets see, I have three support questions open: one about a problem with your IM gateway (technical, should actually be forwarded to your tech staff), one about sim location for a to-be-ordered new sim (yes, this is this silly thing where you get money from a user every month and a payment up-front, which might actually be a motivation to answer that one, especially since it is mostly a simple yes/no question) and one (from today) about a problem with your registration pages (and about “legalizing” two alts). Lets see how long those sit in the queue and wether and when I get a response …


Written by barney

November 7, 2006 at 08:26

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