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Phillip Linden on the Price Change

A Reuters piece on Philips comments gives quite a few cites worth looking at (for bullshit value):

We probably made a mistake there, trying to get feedback. We should just tell everybody everything

So the problem wasn’t that you didn’t actually get feedback, but just feedback from a few select people – and he is pissed that it leaked. And what does he sum it up to: don’t get feedback, just announce. Smart move. Not.

Linden Lab defended the fee increases, saying that they would bring the cost of owning islands more in line with their true value, and would bolster the Second Life community by tilting the balance of development back toward the mainland.

Oh, so it’s their real value? You run 4 sims on a machine that is around 80, maybe 100 EUR per month when ordered from a big root server provider. Let it even be 150 if you buy very expensive (although at that price tag you get the machine fully managed). So what is the real value that forces us to pay 1600 US$ upfront? What is the value you add for 295 US$ per month? Hopefully not the current non-service …

“There is a benefit to the commons of having people stay in the same space — a cool place on the mainland is a public good for the overall society,” Rosedale added. “It’s fine to have an island … but from a rational perspective you should probably pay a little more, because the community loses a little bit when you do that.”

I am absolutely sure that the owners of sims like Numbakulla, Svarga, Walden are really happy to be told that they take away from the community by providing their sims. Yes, some of them make money – but not directly off the sim, or off renting out parts of the sim. And that’s just a few of them – there are lots more.

What is so great about mainland, if you only get restrictions there and non-service? You can’t even get estate manager rights, since it’s linden sims. So you can’t check stuff yourself, can’t reboot the sim and react in any way – you have to go through live help. And that’s often a no-help, since they drown under your million users …


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October 31, 2006 at 10:09

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