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That’s all Reuters can come up with?

Reuters/Second Life » Linden’s island price hike seen hurting landlords – and what do they write about? That it hurts rental business and possible shop business. Hello? What about the creative people who run a sim for fun – or want to do that? Who just like to do fun things that need more control over your land then you get on mainland? That just need a big load of prims and so decided to get a sim, to have full control over?

This whining that it will hurt business – sure, some of them will get smaller margins and it will suck for them after the price change (I think about people like Desmond Shang with his Caledon, or other smaller private rentals). But again it shows that classic media (and sadly inworld media, too) only sees business as a valid reason for complaining, and ignore creativity – which is utter stupidity in my book, if you think about Second Life being filled with exact that creativity from shore to shore, even on the islands …


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October 30, 2006 at 10:42

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