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Got ideas for improving customer service?

Got ideas for improving customer service? Asks Robin Linden on the official blog. Well, how about actually doing customer service? I mean, more than just taking in requests, but actually replying in a useful way to them? Abuse reports might be answered with somthing that actually helps the reporter to understand what happened, instead of this silly no-details-even-to-reporter (who was the one who was offended in the first place!) policy? How about the bug tracking system not only giving out a shiny number, but a way to actually access the bug tracking system to see progress on reported bugs? Every open source project does this, most commercial companies allow this (at least customers with support contract) in a way, why not LL?

But the real funny comes in his last part: that customer service costs money, so we should think about what a acceptable basic support would be and what parts of support we would be willing to pay for. Uhm – sorry to break it to you, Robin, but I do pay for support allready – a whopping 125 US$ per month (and I don’t get a payback by renting out space, like others who might have full sims to themselves).

Oh, you are talking about the tons of unregisterd and not verified users that pay you zilch but blow up your user numbers? Sorry to break that to you, Robin, but you where the one to ask them in in the first place. You know the saying: if you break it, you bought it.

You know, I will take customer support from LL serious when on an abuse report I make inworld to some griefer in my 1/2 of yongnam, I get a timely response along the lines of “was taken care of, see police blotter incident XXXX”. When I get answers on bug reports I write l ike “closed because of duplicate to bug XXXX” or “fixed in release XXXX” or “added to open bugs repository, look at URL YYYY”. And when LL doesn’t whine about the high costs of customer service, if they just opened the flood gates themselves willingly.

Well, Robin, this is business. There is another saying: if you can’t stand the heat, you better stay out of the kitchen.


Written by barney

October 27, 2006 at 09:34

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  1. Well, to give an impression of customer support ala LL: we had a wedding event going in yongnam, my home sim. The sim crashed repeatedly. I asked in between wether someone could maybe lend a hand – at least look at it to see what’s wrong. No reaction. Absolutely no reaction.

    That’s customer service like today. Pay US$ 125 per month and don’t even get an answer from live help.


    October 29, 2006 at 03:37

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