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Closing the Grid Because of Possible Exploit

Grid closed while exploit is addressed « – another downtime in a row, just another annoyance the lindens have in store for their residents? No!

Exploits are something that are part of every complex system – the more complex it is, the more probable will a lurking exploit be. Of course you can take countermeasures for possible exploits – but there are only so much things a human can think of, some thing or the other will sneak through the fences. So – do I think the grid closure is right? Yes, in case of permission exploits, I think it is exactly the right thing, be it as annoying as it is. Because the world we hang out in, is based on user content – keeping that content safe under the defined rules the user has set is essential. Just think about the outcry of residents when the last emergency-fix for the grid attacks broke permissions.

Yes, if a serious permissions exploit is found, closing down the grid and working on a fix is exactly the right thing to do, even though it keeps us out of the game for a while. You know, you could even try to do something RL related. Like reading a book. 😉


Written by barney

October 14, 2006 at 16:34

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