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Over this weekend (that link taken as one of many), SL wasn’t much fun for residents and Lindens the same. A lot of attacks, several downtimes, a lot of annoyed resident comments, a lot of stuff to clean up (and some oops on the way when LL gave about 100 sims a rather empty look) and it looks they found some possible exploit.

So what to do? Blame the Lindens? Nah, it’s the griefers who do the attacks. We should keep focused on who is the asocial dumbass. Ask for open registration close down? Nah, griefers will still be there, griefers where still there – the first grid attacks were in times where there was no open registration. And really, there are some non-verified residents in my friends list I wouldn’t like to miss.

What is needed are better tools, better ways to handle attacks, better emergency procedures for both Lindens and residents. Things to prevent known attack vectors and things to help limiting the damage of unknown attack vectors. In the long run that will help SL to stabilize. Panic activities won’t cut it – they might reduce attacks for the moment being, but won’t really solve the problem.

We have to face the fact that whatever community is there, there will allways be asocial elements to abuse the infrastructure of said community. Real communities give themselves tools and policies to handle this abuse – virtual communities need the same. Not asking for virtual police here – that would be quite dumb, new environment need new tools, not simple translations of old tools to that new environment.

So what to do now? Hold on to your hats, try to take it with a grin (even though that might be a slightly annoyed grin, like when yesterday our planned show-and-tell event didn’t happen due to the griefers) and look for fun to have despite those idiots. And give the lindens a bit of slack, as they most definitely aren’t happy campers right now …


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October 9, 2006 at 09:32

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  1. that may be true enough, but I am annoyed at the fact that attacks in the main grid were just about concurrent of each other, sort of like a 9/11 of the main grid. Not only that but the teen grid, which should not be affected by incidents in the main grid was also shut down because the two share the same servers. For one I would love to see Linden Labs keep the non verified accounts as they are necessary to increase the size of the community, bring in more press and please the investors. I would love to see the teen grid on its own server, however for cost reasons I can see why this will probably never happen. Really though, after so many attacks like this in the past (not particularly of this magninute, but similar attacks had happened in the past) a system like this should have been in place long ago, expecially one that allows the users to stop the spread of grey goo in any of its various forms. Still I suppose none of this will happen, until the system in antiqudated and ditched for a second life 2 (though that would probably never happen)


    October 9, 2006 at 22:02

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