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IM session keys are reused

IM session keys seem to be reused – and they seem to be reused quite often, at least when objects send IMs to you (IM session keys are the addresses that are temporarily created when IMs are forwarded to your email):

 Giant Snake Egg in Walden 	20a147d0-5e0b-662d-f076-f2c175f9999f
 Silver Pear Book P1.3 	20a147d0-5e0b-662d-f076-f2c175f9999f
 Airship Boomslang (big) Box 	20a147d0-5e0b-662d-f076-f2c175f9999f
 Silver Pear Book P1.3 	20a147d0-5e0b-662d-f076-f2c175f9999f

This is allways the same address, but different days. One day it’s my vendor for the (CC-licensed, so free!) snake avie in walden, one day my (CC-licensed, too) airship vendor in yongnam, sometimes my pear book (keeping lists of visitors) in yongnam. So they are reused over objects even in different sims.


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September 23, 2006 at 10:26

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long time no post

Haven’t said much here – far more blogs about SL than I would be able to read, no need to chime in myself. But when LL pisses off Aimee Weber with it’s attitude “be positive, or we cut your channel of communication, because it pulls us down”, that’s noteworthy. First I thought Phillip lost it with his love-fest development model posting exactly when they borked SL big time with bad releases, but now he puts one up: saying the negative feedback pulls him down after singlehandedly making building a big mess for all content creators (which produce the majority of content inworld), is a really “interesting” strategy …

Folks, I love SL. That’s why I spend far too much time inworld. But really, I get a bit annoyed when essential bugs aren’t acknowledged, but on the same time I get told I am too negative, when the main thing I love to do inworld – building – is borked bigtime. My positive feelings go out with the monthly payment. Believe me, when I get negative, you won’t see any further dollar by me. You are a company, you don’t need my hugs, you need my money. Telling me my criticism and bug reporting is negative and pulling you down is a slap in my face.

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September 20, 2006 at 07:20

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