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Streaming Server down and back up

Sorry folks, but my provider decided that backing up my server via FTP on a server provided by said provider for exactly that purpose for some reason is seen as an attack nowadays and so switched off network access to my machine. If you have a stream on my machine, you are currently unable to connect to it. I contacted said provider allready and usually they get to stuff like that quite fast, but for some reason today it doesn’t work as great as I am used to – it might actually take a few hours more. I tried to contact everybody inworld, so this is just a headsup on the current situation (and I guess nobody will see it anyway).

Assumed estimated fix time should be something like 20 hours from time of this posting at the most (and I still hope they fix it within the next few hours).

In case of dire needs of a stream, contact me inworld and I see to it that you get a stream on one of the other servers I have access to.

Update: everything back to working again, but I set up a new server nontheless, so I am prepared for the next time my provider decides to have a bad case of the stupids.


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November 10, 2008 at 18:27

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another blog, another place

Yes, I moved to a different place. I just prefer my own stuff and that place is run on the same server my streams are running. I keep this blog around – for authentication on the linden blob and for emergency situations when my own server is down, so if you use a stream from me, keep an eye up on this place. Otherwise see you on radio boomslang!

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February 20, 2007 at 11:59

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Tileable Textures

One of the sheeps talks about making tileable textures, part 1 – nothing new for many, but well, maybe one or the other reader still is interested in it. The pesky thing I usually fight with is preventing overly obvious patterns when using it repeatedly. Usually drives me nuts, which is why I prefer ready-made textures. Not that it is any better there – but I at least have someone I can blame 😉

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February 10, 2007 at 12:51

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The Missing Lindens

The Second Life Herald asks in The Missing Lindens where the Lindens are. Where is our promised customer support? Indeed it’s highly ironic that after serveral town halls and complains about the missing customer support on different channels, the only reaction by LL is to close those channels – and despite other promises and a lot of talk from Phillip, there is no adequate customer support. Actually there isn’t even inadequate customer support most of the time – fact is, you often don’t get any support at all …

Sure, if you are lucky or persistent, you might get a frontline Linden on the Request Help channel – who doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t help much anyway. It’s not that they are not willing – if I got one of them on the line about some problem, they were helpful and trying (and actually did succeed in some of the problem solving, so it’s not as if it wouldn’t be useful to get them on the line!). It’s more like that are either drowning or hiding out – and from what I see, it’s mostly the new frontliners that are drowning, because the older frontliners are hiding out. Which is rather unfair to the new lindens and doesn’t really help the ever enlarging customership.

There was talk about multi-tier support, where paying customers would get preferences. You know, you would expect that to mean that sim owners or bigger land owners would from time to time get replies on the concierge channel from the concierge lindens – no go. And those are some of the lindens that are starting to hide – look for their online state, try to get hold of one.

Sure, currently the hypemachine pulls in more and more users, so there is not much to worry about – those who quit or move on will be replaced by loads of noobs. But they get the worst possible impression – that SL is a broken game with bad lag, tons of bugs and no support at all. I don’t think that a platform with such a bad first impression is the best way to represent your company.

I am especially annoyed because I know that they could do better – but some of the recent decisions were just dumb. You don’t cut down communication channels at a time where your system is crashing under overload and even simple single-feature-takeaway releases are botched on delivery. That’s just plain dumb.

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February 2, 2007 at 09:59

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OpenSim – OpenSL

OpenSim – OpenSL – now that’s cool, someone started an open source simulator project that will work with the open source Second Life client from OpenSL. This is fascinating in that you will over time be able to use the same browser client to access different worlds – and for example use it to put up your own builds in a separate mini-grid of your own. For me this would be highly interesting, to test out building on my own platform and then turn those buildings into LSL scripts that when run on the main grid reconstruct my builds. Yes, something like that can be done with Prim.Blender, too, but I never got my head around the Blender UI – for me it just plain sucks.

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February 1, 2007 at 10:07

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Whapping the Valley Wagger

That’s what Gwyneth does over in a comment on Capitalism 2.0. But what both actually miss: yes, capitalistic economies are indeed pyramid schemes. That’s how capitalism works – by ripping off the masses to get property for only a few. It’s rather sad that economic classes don’t seem to teach that any more – it’s something Marx documented quite nicely in his books which were part of economic classes at some times as far as I can tell. Even if you don’t believe his conclusions of his work, it’s still a good idea to read his stuff to know about the inherent problems of capitalism. Because even if you despise the idea of communism (or – like me – think that any ideology that builds on the idea of ppl being educated enough to act non-egoistical is plain and simple doomed due to the inherent stupid nature of mankind) – the problems in capitalism won’t go away magically. There is no Captalism-Fairy with some sprinkling money-dust.

There is a good reason why many countries in europe switched to a limited capitalistic economy quite some time ago – that’s nothing to do with thinking Socialism is a good way, but everything to do with preventing actual Socialism from getting any ground. I allways crack up laughing when I see some .us blogger talk about the socialistic European Union – it’s completely silly, since the EU is allmost entirely capitalism-driven. Yes, they took up some rather dumb ideas from socialistic governments – like the planned agriculture with actual multi-year-planning (which is just doomed to fail, since our future prediciting abilities are just not there). I never said I don’t crack up laughing at the dumbasses in Brussels, too. But fact is, the EU is driven by neo-liberal ideas for years and business-lobby-driven as much as the american government.

And there are a lot of reasons why the current destruction of social structures and benefits in Europe produce so much problems in those countries. There is a big rich/poor gap that gets bigger every year and that will produce social problems over time far beyond what we now allready have, if no counter measures are taken. Pyramid schemes can only carry you so far, after all, before the angry crowd gets to you …

So – Second Life economy is a pyramid scheme? So what – the whole world (discounting some faked communism and some die-hard dictatorships who just plain don’t count in the over-all world economy. And yes, I don’t think China even counts as faked communism any more) is like that, too.

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January 26, 2007 at 11:50

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Architecture’s Second Life

Archinect : Features : Architecture’s Second Life talks about the often boring SL architecture, 3D graffitti, new ideas, and a lot of other things. Worthwhile to read, and could be quite inspiring maybe. See Mainland chaos from their angle – instead of a weird and ugly mix of sucky buildings, it might just be something different.

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January 19, 2007 at 12:01

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